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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

week3 in SG

On my last week of "so-called-holiday"..

Look at this AWESOME, MOS burger!!!! 
Premium Wagyu Beef Burger!
* love love love*
Had this at  Ang Mo Kio Hub.

Here is the Yoshinoya , Japanese food.
Beef set Combo. AT Bugis , last Sunday (22/7)

TAdaaaaa, Bugis Junction. 

 Bugis Street! 

And were walking everywhere from bugis to somerset? orchard?.......

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

15th July 2012

Rainy day in Singapore. 
Just like what i am feeling right now.
Still worry and worry. 
When only will go smooth? 

Well, lets blog about my Sunday.
Bf's off day =)
Therefore, we went out to Vivo City , Sentosa Singapore, Raffles City Link etc.
A tiring day for us.
Too much walking xD

Photo's Time =)

Cruise, Taken at Vivo City that facing Sentosa View

Brunch time~ S'pore bah kut teh white in color la...
 Taste soso la..

Here we are..
Sentosa, Universal Studio

Malaysia Street in Sentosa.
U see that? Klang Bah Kut Teh .. Yummm

Like Their Ice Cream~

Dolce Latte and some berries mixed(cant recall the name of it)

my candiesssss~ NERDS! 

Colorful Merlion at Sentosa

Dear and i .... Tired looking face while waiting for mrt.

Happy Weekend, 
Before my Busy working life starts! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Life in Singapore

Greeting from Singapore,  
Here come the Mid of July! 
What have you guys been doing? working hard or studying so hard for test?

I have faced a big big trouble. 
Which the 1st company had confirmed me,went to meet them on the monday to try uniform and even sign the employment letter. 
But what happen next?
Received a call right after i went off.
Suddenly tell me there's no respond from the government and have no idea when they will approve because it usually approve very fast. 
So i wont be able to get my work permit by wednesday.
asked if i want to find another job or wait for their respond when they dont even know when the government will approve.=.=
I was supposed to start my work on the wednesday but end up telling me NO QUOTA to hire Malaysian! 
Y, u no check earlier before you hire me!!! so frustrated, disappointed!

In that case, i start finding and finding for jobs available!! 
Walk in interview, send resume , call to any  company. 

Well, i have learn from there. 
"I fall, i must get up because it is not the end of the world!" 

Well, sad to say i am still waiting for my work permit in Singapore.
Why it takes so long? 
So worry..=( 
Therefore, i have lock myself in the house for 4 days!
Never step out of the house.just wait for calls... 
As i need the work permit so urgent.
Hopefully everything goes well.

What i do at home? 
Lucky to have internet.. 
That's all i do and wait for bf..
Thanks dear for helping in my job when everything just turn 360' degree bad! 
He help me in finding jobs, bring me everywhere just to make sure i get a job and i am fine here in Singapore.

Finally , here comes the Sunday. 
Jack's off day.
He bring me out to Vivo City, Sentosa Singapore and the soon to be my work place(but still awaiting the news).
The journey was just walk, mrt , walk , mrt.... etc... no more driving.. ahhh! that's tiring.
The result of staying at home without going out/ exercise. 
I felt so tired for just walking a short distance? " I'm so embarrassed."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Genting Trip 5th July- 6th July 2012.

A little gathering with my On gang at Maxims Suite, Genting =)
Total 11 of us this time.

We had a really good time, 
awesome "Dare" game in the middle of the night.
Daring each other to do something stupid which makes it so unforgettable for us.

Happy Happy Family =)


Wow, been almost a year i did not update my blog. Well, not a year.... last post was about my graduation. =)
How fast the time flies. Past 4 months already.
And now i am in Singapore!!!
Shocking indeed, out of no where i flew to Singapore to further my work here.
In hotel, probably.
A person that never been to Singapore and now, once i come. I am here for work.
Different about Singapore is, most people use public transport like MRT , Bus . Taxi and they even walk to travel around which the public transport in Singapore is really convenience.

I flew to Singapore by Firefly on Sunday, 8th July 2012.
Boyfriend bring me around to China Town, Orchard, Clarke Quay and a few places to see.
Marina Bay Sand is huge and seriously i can be lost in there. hahahaha no  joke.
Next place i want to go to is Merlion, Singapore Flyer .. etc.

This is the German Sausage, vry famous. and the Dessert. Both located at Chinatown, Singapore.

Clarke Quay.